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Certified Reference Standards and Chromatography Products
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American Radiolabeled Chemicals
PolyLC Inc.

PolyLC specialize in solving the most difficult application problems:

Introducing ERLIC!

Gradient chromatography without the gradient! Separate peptides, nucleotides and amino acids socratically!

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ERLIC of Phosphopeptides

Phosphopeptides can also be isolated from tryptic digests and separated with high resolution.

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The Poster form HPLC 2008

Featuring volatile solvents and SPE-ERLIC for phosphopeptides.

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Mixed-bed Ion-Exchange Columns for Intact Proteins
  • Proteomics: PolyLC PolySULFOETHYL A™ is the standard material for the SCX-RPC sequence for multidimensional LC of complex tryptic digests.
  • QC: Analysis of closely-related protein variants.
  • Metabolomics: Analysis of polar solutes in cell and plant extracts; quick isocratic analysis of amino acids; etc.
  • Hemoglobin analysis: PolyLC PolyCAT A™ columns are the gold standard.
  • Prion protein assay in blood samples.
  • Membrane protein isolation.
  • Separation by size of solutes as small as amino acids.
  • PCR reactions: HPLC alternative to gels.

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