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Melamine 三聚氰胺

Melamine has a chemical name of 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine. It is an industrial chemical. Its rich of nitrogen content leads to an unlawful spiking into milk and other raw food materials, to give a false reading of higher level of protein. This chemical has a toxic side effect. Melamine always contains small amount of Cyanuric acid (1,3,5-triazinane-2,4,6-trione), and when combined with Melamine, could form crystals which cause kidney failure.

The following information and products (offered by AmXpress) would be useful for your laboratory in the detection of the presence of melamine in contaminated food.

Analytical method (Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy)

"LC/MS/MS Screen for the Presence of Melamine in swine and poultry tissues", written by Emilio Esteban, FSIS Western Laboratory, USDA, SOP No. FERN-CHE.0003.00 (Federal, State and Local Laboratories for Food Emergency Response), dated May 2007.   Download PDF Files (391 KB)

"Analysis of Melamine by LC/MS/MS", Application note, Guangzhou FLM Scientific, dated Sept 2008.
Download PDF Files (1134 KB)

"HILIC Melamine Analysis by LC/MS/MS", Application note, Guangzhou FLM Scientific, dated Sept 2008.
Download PDF Files (98 KB)

Scientific Literature

"Diagnostic Determination of Melamine and Related Compounds in Kidney Tissue by liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry", J. Agric. Food Chem. 2008, 56, 7593-7599, dated July 25, 2008.
Download PDF Files (583 KB)

Accustandard Melamine Kit

Analysis for Melamine in pet food, formula milk, and other foodstuffs can now be more accurate and reliable with the Melamine Reference Standards Set which contains six ampoules: Melamine, Ammeline, Ammelide, Cyanuric acid, the method recommended Internal Standard, a column cleam-up solution, and a Silylating Reagent.

FDA-PROP-001-SET 5 x 1 mL, 2 x 5 mL  
Melamine FDA-PROP-001A 1 mL
Ammeline FDA-PROP-001B 1 mL
Ammelide FDA-PROP-001C 1 mL
Cyanuric acid FDA-PROP-001D 1 mL
 Internal Standard  
FDA-PROP-001-IS 1 mL  
 Silylating Reagent  
FDA-PROP-001-DER Vol./Vol.  
BSTFA [bis(trimethylsily)trifluoroacetamine] 99  
TMSC 1  
 Column Clean-up Check  
FDA-PROP-001-CHK Vol./Vol.  
Sylon BFT 50  
Pyidine 50  
Isotope-enriched melamine and cyanuric acid analytical standards

  • d6 -Melamine – neat, 1 mg
  • d6 -Melamine – neat,10 mg
  • 13-C3-15-N3(aminolabeled)-Melamine – 1.2 mL x 100 ug/mL (95% purity - Cambridge Isotope Laboratories)
  • 13-C3-15-N3(aminolabeled)-Cyanuric acid – 1.2 mL x 100 ug/mL (95% purity - Cambridge Isotope Laboratories)

  • 13-C3 -Melamine
  • 15-N3 (ringlabeled)
  • 15-N6 -Melamine

Recommended Laboratory Supplies (Pheneomenx - Guangzhou FLM Scientific as exclusive distributor (AmXpress is part of FLM))

Solid Phase Extraction cartridge (strong cation-exchange)

  • Strata-X-C, 33 micron, 60mg/3uL, 50 tubes/pk – p/n 8B-S029-UBJ.

HPLC Column

  • Luna HILIC 5 u 250 x 4.6 mm – p/n 00G-4450-E0.
  • Synergi Polar-RP, 4 u, 150 x 4.6 mm – p/n 00F-4336-E0.
  • Synergi Polar-RP, 4 u, 150 x 2.0 mm – p/n 00F-4336-B0.


There is a well-developed ELISA method used for "the quantitative analysis of Melamine in contaminated sample". The following article describes the use of such an enzyme-labeled immunoassay method.

Kim, B., Perkins, L., Bushway, R., Nesbit, S., Fan, T., Sheridan, R., Green, V., (2008), Journal of AOAC International, Vol. 91, 408-413. (Please contact us for information)

A testing kit is available. Please inquire of pricing and availability.